Acoustic Guitars

As a luthier located and serving the greater Cincinnati area I have discovered a passion like no other. My dedication to crafting fine handmade guitars has enhanced my musical growth, and I hope to work with you to build  a guitar to enhance your musical growth.

-Ike Wilhelm

There are many factors that go into the tone of a guitar; the size of the instrument, the depth, the wood you choose for top, back and sides, etc.  All play a vital role in the tone of a guitar.  There are many types of tonewoods as well, helping to shape the sound that you are looking for.

The pricing of these high quality hand made guitars depends on the customization for a true playing fit based on your style and desires.  There is much discussion on the shaping of your sound to ensure an affordable custom fit.  Pricing starts at around $2700 and can vary depending on materials used.

All materials used are the highest quality that can be found.  All tops are AAA or better, as well as the bracewood.  The back and sides will always be made with the highest quality as well and would be determined by the customer based on discussions surrounding the type of sound you are looking for.  All fretboards, headstocks, and bridges are standard ebony.  All bindings are solid wood, no plastic.

Please contact Ike for further information or fill out our 

Phone: 859-496-7695
Email: Ike_Wilhelm@hotmail.com

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